Who we are

Leaders in service delivery

With its headquarters in the capital and consultants throughout Mozambique, Maputo Relocation is proud to be the first and leading provider of relocation services in Mozambique, as well as the first company in Mozambique to acquire the EuRA Worldwide membership.

Operating since 2009, Maputo Relocation has consistently provided professional mobility services to numerous clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individuals working for the private sector, NGOs and multilateral organizations.

Committed to quality and customer care, our team is recognized for meeting deadlines whilst ensuring clients top-quality and client-oriented services.


Create positive changes

Relocation assistance should be considered an essential benefit of employees that work in any organization that operates in more than one country, in particular in those that operate on a global scale. At Maputo Relocation, we know that each client has their own challenges and expectations and believe that relocating to Mozambique can be a life experience. 

Through personalised professional mobility support, we help clients and their families adjust to a new environment, easing the transition to Mozambique and making the relocation process a positive experience.

Making your
move successful